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1984 Foundation

A few years after graduating from the National Technical University of Athens, Nikolaos Berios establishes the company as an independent civil engineering firm. Since its inception Berios has engaged in the study, supervision and construction of large-scale projects.


Berios expands its activities to include project and construction management. Later in the same year it is converted into a Limited (Ltd) company, with two equally liable members, Nikolaos Berios and John Dritsas. As a result the company is renamed Dritsas-Berios Ltd.

1989 Partnership
1999 Relocation

The company relocates from its first humble location in Nea Philadelphia to the newly acquired office space on 90 Kifissias Avenue in Marousi (Athens). This is done in order to accommodate the company’s rapid growth and provide a top-tier working space for its employees.

Berios S.A.

After the retirement of John Dritsas, the entirety of his shares and his part of several company assets, are acquired by Nikolaos Berios, who thereby becomes the sole owner of the company. Consequently, the firm is named Berios SA, regaining its original brand name.

2010 Berios S.A.
2012  Cyprus

Berios Ltd is established in Nicosia, to expand the company’s activities to new markets and sustain the decade-long growth it has enjoyed since its creation. The new company evaluates expansion prospects both within the local Cypriot market and the Gulf region.

Abu Dhabi

With a plethora of projects in the pipeline for the United Arab Emirates, Berios solidifies its presence in the country by establishing its new state-of-art offices in the famous Etihad Towers of Abu Dhabi. A new interior design team is created, further expanding Berios’ services.

2013 Abu Dhabi
Olayan Group
2014 Olayan Group

One of the worlds’ leading investment groups honors Berios Ltd by participating in its share capital, providing additional momentum to the company’s development. The valuable relationship goes all the way back to the construction of the Olayan Group headquarters in 1998.


Berios opens its new offices in the newly built Binary Tower in the heart of Dubai’s Business Bay. Located only within a five minute ride from Burj Khalifa and the emirate’s  arterial highways, the new location offers immediate access and extended support to nearby projects.

2016 Dubai